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Hardwire Energy Data Management

To effectively hardwire energy data management into your organization, consider centralizing your energy data management program and engaging key stakeholders prior to implementation and continuing to communicate with them throughout the process.

To hardwire your energy data management program, follow these two steps.

For Steps 1 and 2, see Generate Buy-In. For Steps 3-5, see Build a Strong Foundation.

Step 6. Optimize the Organizational Structure »

Optimize your organizational structure by evaluating your existing structure and operations, considering common organizational structures for data-driven energy management, centralizing your energy data management and bill payment, enacting policies that can institutionalize data-driven energy management in your organization, and reviewing federal programs that can support your energy data management activities.

Step 7. Drive Engagement and Communicate Results »

Drive engagement and communicate results by developing stakeholder engagement strategies that create and maintain collaboration among key stakeholders across various levels of your organization and tailoring your communication strategies to specific stakeholder groups—within and outside your organization—recognizing and addressing each group's diverse goals, drivers, and needs for information.